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The Awards Committee solicits and reviews nominations for Division-authorized awards and recommends individuals/subdivisions to receive those awards. The committee also prepares suitable awards for presentations.

Meaghan McCollow

The Dolly Gray Award For Children's Literature in Developmental Disabilities

The Dolly Gray Children's Literature Award (Click here to learn more) is presented by the DADD every other year to honor exemplary portrayals of individuals with developmental disabilities. Click here to see all books considered from 2000 to 2010.

Tina Taylor Dyches
(801) 422-5045


This committee is responsible for facilitating communications between the DADD Board of Directors and the DADD membership. This committee work includes the oversight of the DADD web site, the DADD Express, and email lists and other emerging electronic communications.

Emily Bouck


This committee is responsible for planning the Division's annual conference.

Jordan Shurr
Cindy Perras

Critical Issues

The role of this committee is to explore issues of critical importance to the Division and its members. The committee selects issues of importance and works with the membership to develop position statements of value to the field of DADD. Issue papers are presented to the Board and the membership for review and then published in the Division newsletter and/or journal.

Emily Bouck

See more information on CEC Public Policy


The Diversity Committee is responsible for identifying and reviewing issues concerning ethnic, racial, and linguistic diversity among (a) individuals with autism, intellectual disabilities and/or developmental disabilities, and (b) the professionals who serve these individuals. The Diversity Committee is also responsible for developing proposals for the Division that are designed to address identified concerns.

Debra Cote
Elizabeth (Beth) West


This committee monitors and evaluates budget line allotments; reviews suggested changes in budget line allotments; and proposes yearly budget plans based on suggested changes and previous needs.

Gardner Umbarger

Legislative (CAN)

This committee follows federal legislation and policy development as it concerns children with developmental disabilities and the persons who educate and support them. The committee reviews legislative actions and can serve as a political action group taking positions on various pieces of legislation. The chairperson/CAN coordinator also maintains a policy update LISTSERV for concerned members within the Division. The LISTSERV provides immediate updates to the membership and a way to communicate positions and political actions in a timely manner.

Emily Bouck

Membership & Unit Development

The Membership Committee develops and implements measures to increase membership, retain members, and provide general membership support. The Unit Development Committee provides support to state and provincial subdivisions. This support may include assisting with organizing and maintaining subdivisions, regional conferences, newsletters, subdivision manuals, and other forms of technical assistance.

Leah Wood


The primary responsibilities of this committee are to seek qualified candidates for office, fill vacancies in offices when they occur, communicate with candidates to assure their willingness to serve, and obtain biographical data for the ballots.

David Cihak

Professional Development and Professional Standards

This committee is largely involved with assisting CEC/NCATE in developing beginning teacher standards. The committee also examines other ways that CEC-DADD can assist its members in professional development activities.

David Cihak


This committee is responsible for oversight of the DADD journal Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities. The committee works with the DADD Board of Directors in developing a variety of print and video publications, including the Prism series of monographs and other professional resources.

Michael Wehmeyer

If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please contact the appropriate chairperson.
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The DADD Board of Directors supports the American Academy of Pediatrics Recommended Immunization Schedule for Persons Aged 0 through 18 years of age. Over two dozen epidemiological studies failed to identify a causal relationship between vaccinations and autism. The initial research that suggested such a relationship has been discredited. We recommend all families discuss vaccinations with their family health care provider on how best to maintain the health and safety of their child and those who cannot be immunized due to medical reasons. 

Download the 2010 DADD Showcase Sessions. Presenters included Robert A. Stodden, Dianne Zager, and Debra Hart speaking about "Preparing Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities for Postsecondary Education and Employment"