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Peer-Implemented Time Delay Procedures on the Acquisition of Chained Tasks by Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities

By: Janet Read Godsey, John W. Schuster, Amy Shearer Lingo, Belva C. Collins, and Harold L. Kleinert

Abstract: This study evaluated the effectiveness of and reliability of peer tutors implementing a constant time delay procedure when teaching four high school students with moderate and severe disabilities to prepare foods using picture recipes. We used a multiple probe design across subjects to determine the effectiveness of the peer tutor implemented constant time delay procedure on the acquisition of chained food preparation tasks. Data indicate that the tutors were effective in teaching the four students to prepare food using picture recipes. Peer tutors also implemented the procedure with a high degree of reliability. In addition, all students maintained the tasks at high levels and responded with 100% accuracy during the final maintenance assessment. Discussion includes a comparison of reliability data with other studies utilizing teacher-implemented constant time delay and chained tasks.
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