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Conventions & Conferences - 2010 - 04 (April) - CEC in Nashville

CEC in Nashville (04/2010)

DADD has many great presentations, poster sessions, and demonstrations scheduled for the 2010 CEC Convention in Nashville, covering a range of issues on educating students with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder. The DADD Showcase session at the 2010 Convention will focus on preparing youth with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities for postsecondary education and employment. Featured speakers will include Robert Stodden, Paul Wehman, David Mank, and Debra Hart. The DADD will also have another invited session which will focus on the name change from DDD to DADD and the larger implications for the field of developmental disabilities. Features in this invited session include Tom E. C. Smith, J. David Smith, and Brenda S. Myles.

Be sure to see the PowerPoint presentations by Robert A. Stodden and Dianne Zager, and the video presentation by Debra Hart in Related Content to the right. Subject: "Preparing Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities for Postsecondary Education and Employment".

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