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Evaluation of the Effects of Sensory Integration-Based Intervention by a Preschool Special Education Teacher

By: Penelope Wong Bonggat and Laura J. Hall

Abstract: This study addresses the call for increased research on common public school practices and progress monitoring by public school teachers. An alternating treatment design was implemented by a preschool teacher to evaluate the effect of sensory-integration based activities compared with an attention control on the on task behavior of three participants with disabilities. The preschool participants were observed during one-to-one teaching sessions and completing maintenance tasks in an independent workstation during the second half of a school year. The results revealed no differences in the estimated percentages of time on-task when either condition was used for all three participants. More time on task occurred when the participants were working in one-to-one activities. The design used in this study serves as a model that can be used by teachers and occupational therapists working in a public school.
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