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Conventions & Conferences - 2008 - 04 (April) - CEC in Boston

CEC in Boston (04/2008)

Boston, MA
April 2-5, 2010

Dave Smith
DDD Conference Chair

After a record-breaking number of session proposals were submitted to DDD almost 70 of these proposals were selected by DDD reviewers for the Boston CEC conference. The DDD program will consist of a very good blend of poster sessions, presentations and demonstrations focused on autism, intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities. DDD members can expect to have an exciting range of choices from interesting and recent research findings, to new evidence-based strategies for practitioners including language development strategies, augmented communication, enhancing social skills and the use of new instructional technologies. The DDD Showcase Session is entitled “Addressing Critical Issues for Teachers of Students with Developmental Disabilities.” Critical issues that have been identified by teachers in the fields of autism and developmental disabilities will be discussed. These will include addressing grade level content standards, assisting with student self-determination and using classroom assessment data to plan and deliver instruction. The panel will be moderated by Robert Stodden and will include David Mank, Polly Parrish, Darlene Perner and Michael Wehmeyer. Don’t miss it! See you in Boston.

DDD Showcase Session - CEC 2008 Convention

2008 Show Case

PowerPoints from the DDD Showcase Session:
* Addressing Critical Issues for Teachers of &*)Students with Developmental Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder (PDF) Robert A. Stodden
* Addressing Student Self-Determination, Michael L. Wehmeyer
* Life is One Transition After Another: BE PREPARED, Margo Vreeburg Izzo
* State Alternate Assessments, Darlene Perner
* Aligning Curriculum and Assessments to Content Standards, Polly Parrish

See Related Content, top right, for the PowerPoint Presentations, all in PDF formats.

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