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Conventions & Conferences - 2004 - 04 (April) - CEC in New Orleans

CEC in New Orleans (04/2004)

New Orleans, LA
April, 2004

CEC's International Convention in New Orleans was a great success, both for CEC and for DDD. The division was fortunate enough to offer many sessions in the areas of cognitive disabilities/mental retardation, autism spectrum disorder, and related developmental disabilities. Our Keynote Session by Paul Wehman (PowerPoint available for viewing here on the DDD website!) focused on employment opportunities and education for individuals with significant disabilities. Our invited sessions on Sexuality and Persons with Developmental Disabilities presented by Peter Gerhardt and on Using Technology in Inclusive Classrooms by Kerry George and Betty Bolt were extremely well attended, as were all DDD sessions.

A number of individuals were honored with awards at the annual business meeting. Dr. Brenda Smith-Myles received the Burton Blatt Humanitarian Award, DDD's highest honor, for her ongoing research, publications, presentations, and general advocacy and support for individuals with developmental disabilities. The Practitioner Award was presented to Patricia Groven, Joan Mumm,, Rebecca A. Mund, and Cindy Stetson for their session: “Rural Resources: Program Training Design for Low Incidence Disabilities in Remote Settings”. This panel of professionals from the South Valley Multi-district Special Education in Hankinson, ND shared information concerning the provision of services to children with autism in remote locations. The Teacher of the Year Award was presented to Florida DDD Subdivision member Pamela K. DeLoach, a teacher of individuals with Severe/Profound Mental Handicaps at the elementary level at Foster Elementary School in Tampa, Florida. The Herbert J. Prehm Student Presentation Award was given for “Project L.I.F.E. (Life-long Inclusion for Everyone)” to Kimberly Spence-Cochran, a doctoral student from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. The presentation addressed development and implementation of a transition project for persons with cognitive disabilities/mental retardation that provides employment skills training in an inclusive setting through the use of innovative technology. Additionally, the student recruitment grant was awarded to the Brevard SCEC chapter of the University of Central Florida for recruiting nine new student members of DDD.

The DDD membership booth at CEC was a great success, with a number of new members signed up, including quite a few student members, and good sales on the new DDD canvas bags, as well as other DDD products. Many thanks need be given to the leadership of Membership Committee co-chair Jim Forristal, as well as to student members from the UCF Brevard SCEC chapter for all their assistance. Anyone interested in purchasing a DDD bag (cost: $5.00) can contact Jim at

As ever, your DDD board was busy in meetings for much of the convention, with a great deal of work accomplished, including the approval of new position and informational papers on several subjects. The first, Sexuality and Developmental Disabilities by Scott Sparks will appear as an abstract in the next issue of DDD Express while the full text paper will be available here on the website; Another paper, on ‘Highly Qualified Teachers' and alternative routes to certification by Val Sharpe and Andi Babkie will be in the September issue of the Express as well as on the website; while an informational paper on Medication and individuals with DD by Leslie Broun and Gardener Umbarger will appear in print and on the website shortly. The next several books for the PRISM series were determined and will include: Prism V on post-secondary options for individuals with DD, Prism VI on differentiated instruction for individuals with significant disabilities, Prism VII on Functional Mathematics, and Prism VIII on issues with ASD. Additionally, Jack Hourcade, Communications/Publications chair, is working with PRO ED to develop a series of monographs to include the ‘best of' ETDD articles over the course of the history of the journal. The ‘best of' series will be based on the work of Val Sharpe and Bob Sandieson, who reviewed over 1500 articles and narrowed the selection to 120.

In addition to all of the above work, other actions also occurred. The Diversity committee was voted to change from ad hoc to Standing status, the initial work on revising the Strategic Plan and the DDD Handbook was begun, and a dues increase of $5.00 for all but student members was approved. The revised DDD standards, the first set under the new CEC standards format, was presented for review and will be sent out for validation.

Conference preparations for DDD's next ‘stateside' conference to be held in October 2004 in Las Vegas are well underway. The deadline for proposals was extended to May 15, so hurry to submit. Information on the conference can be found here on the website as well as in the May issue of the DDD Express. With a practitioner focus, the board of DDD is looking forward to Las Vegas as a conference that will offer professionals in the field and others a wide variety of excellent sessions.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in Las Vegas in October for the DDD conference and in Baltimore next April for the next CEC Convention.

Paul Wehman's PowerPoint DDD Showcase Session
"Integrated Employment: Quality Indicators, Strategies for Success and Models That Work" (See PowerPoint Presentation - PPT - 7MR and PDF verison - 6MB - in Related Content, top right)

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