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News - Diversity News - A Summary of the 2010 Shared Agenda Diversity Meeting

Elizabeth A. West, Chairperson - DADD Diversity Committee

DADD and the Diversity Committee hosted the fourth Shared Agenda breakfast meeting on April 22, during the 2010 CEC Convention in Nashville. The purpose of this meeting is to interface with other Division Diversity committees through their representatives and address diversity/diversity issues within the field of special education and individual divisions. This venue is an opportunity to showcase the diversity work of the CEC divisions, and to identify and share commonalities and concerns across divisions.  All Divisions were invited and participants attending were from: TAG, CEC-Pioneers, CCBD, DADD, DVI, and CASE.  

Shared needs generated in 2008-2009 were reviewed which focused upon the desire to develop a diversity statement that demonstrates a shared vision that is designed to provide consistent language and meaning across the organization.  In addition, a need was to determine if the diversity intent of CEC is evident and visible in the three areas of policy, procedure and program review across the organization and to recommend additional action.  Participants (representing their respective Divisions) were encouraged to perform a review in one area to ultimately enhance the area with additional diversity language if needed.

Moving forward requires participants to engage in these endeavors and prepare/share summaries of completed reviews and decide actions to be taken.  Ultimately, this feedback would determine recommendations which would be outlined in an executive summary.  This summary would be distributed to all participating boards for review and comments.

New Directions. It is the intent of the Shared initiative to deepen relationships with all divisions in addressing diversity and to build a mechanism for collaborative problem-solving on diversity issues that affect all divisions and the organization.  Input is being solicited to generate ideas on the most effective and efficient ways to accomplish the tasks of the initiative.  Use of technology will be explored as a tool to facilitate communication and problem-solving amongst constituents.

In addition to the Shared Agenda, the DADD Diversity Committee will be engaged in several activities throughout the upcoming year:  recruiting and retaining committee members and ensuring content related to diversity is infused into all aspects of the Division.  Further, issues related to evidence based practice and cultural linguistic diversity will be targeted.

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