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Using Shared Stories and Individual Response Modes to Promote Comprehension and Engagement in Literacy for Students with Multiple, Severe Disabilities

Diane M. Browder, Angela Lee, and Pam Mims


Abstract: This study investigated the effects of scripted task analytic lessons with systematic prompting on engagement and comprehension of students with a multiple, severe disability using a multiple probe single case design. Three teachers followed the scripts to include a target student in a story based lesson to increase comprehension and engagement. All three students had both a severe intellectual disability and either a severe physical or sensory impairment and relied primarily on nonsymblic communication prior to the study. Each student used a different response mode to participate in the story based lesson (i.e., eye gaze response for a student with inconsistent hand use, point response for a student who grabbed, and object response for a student with visual impairments). Results indicated increases in both comprehension and engagement for all three students. Limitations and implications for research and practice are discussed.

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