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DADD Express - Summer 2017 Vol 28 Number 2
• Teachers' Corner
• President's Message
• Executive Director's Corner
• Evidence-based practice
• Students' Corner
• 2017 DADD Conference highlights
• Call for nominations
• DADD 19th Conference call for papers
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DADD Express Archives
DDD Express - <!--20061-->Spring 2006 (Volume 17, Number 1) (PDF)
  • Teacher's Corner: Bringing Children with ASD to Life: Methods for Implementing Social Skills Training
  • President’s Message
  • Join a DDD Committee
  • DDD at CEC
  • 10th International DDD Conference
  • DDD Awards and Convention
  • Proposal Reminders
  • Call for Papers 10th International DDD Conference
  • Student's Corner
  • News from the Diversity Committee
  • Executive Director’s Corner
  • Membership and Unit Development Committee News
  • Editor’s Note
DDD Express - Winter <!--20054-->2005 (Volume 16, Number 4) (PDF)
  • Teacher's Corner: What You Need to Know
  • President’s Message
  • DDD Showcase Session at the 2005 CEC Conference
  • Our Upcoming DDD Showcase Session at CEC in Salt Lake City
  • DDD Meeting Schedule at CEC in Salt Lake City
  • Students’ Corner
  • Nominations for the DDD Awards
  • Join a DDD Committee
  • Editor’s Note
DDD Express - <!--20053-->Fall 2005 (Volume 16, Number 3) (PDF)
  • Teacher's Corner: Play and Learn: A Motor-Based Preschool Curriculum for Children of All Abilities
  • President's Message
  • DDD Call for Nominations
  • Meet the Newly Elected DDD Board Members
  • Membership and Unit Development Committee News
  • Diversity Committee Report
  • Student's Corner
  • CEC-DDD Awards
  • New Monograph Series From DDD!
  • Professional Development and Standards Committee, April Report
  • Executive Director's Corner
DDD Express - <!--20052-->Summer 2005 (Volume 16, Number 2) (PDF)
  • Teacher's Corner: Social Skills SPA: Supported Play Activities
  • President’s Message
  • DDD Annual Award Recipients
  • DDD at the 2005 CEC Annual Convention – Highlights from Our Sessions
  • DDD 2005 Election Results
  • Diversity Committee Report
  • 10th International Conference
  • Medication Issue Paper
  • Free Publication for DDD Members
DDD Express - <!--20051-->Spring 2005 (Volume 16, Number 1) (PDF)
  • Teacher's Corner: Project L.I.F.E. (Life-Long Inclusion for Everyone), Featuring Mission Possible
  • President’s Message
  • DDD 10th Biennial Conference in Hawaii
  • DDD at the 2005 CEC Annual Convention in Baltimore
  • DDD Constitution and By-Laws
  • Executive Director’s Corner
  • Third Biennial Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award
  • Students’ Corner
  • Diversity Committee Announcement
  • Ad Hoc Professional Development & Standards Committee
  • Submit a Proposal for Salt Lake City
  • Editor’s Note
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The DADD Board of Directors supports the American Academy of Pediatrics Recommended Immunization Schedule for Persons Aged 0 through 18 years of age. Over two dozen epidemiological studies failed to identify a causal relationship between vaccinations and autism. The initial research that suggested such a relationship has been discredited. We recommend all families discuss vaccinations with their family health care provider on how best to maintain the health and safety of their child and those who cannot be immunized due to medical reasons. 

Download the 2010 DADD Showcase Sessions. Presenters included Robert A. Stodden, Dianne Zager, and Debra Hart speaking about "Preparing Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities for Postsecondary Education and Employment"