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DADD Express - Winter 2017 Vol 28 Number 4
• Teacher's corner
• President's message
• Legal brief
• DADD awards at 2017 Conference
• DADD election results
• Editor's note
• Students' corner
• DADD Express Editor search
• DADD Conference meetings
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DADD Express Archives
DDD Express - <!--20023-->Spring 2002 (Volume 12, Number 3) (PDF)
  • Teacher's Corner: Abandoning the Myth of Mental Retardation: Carefully Constructing Developmental Disabilities
  • President's Message
  • Speaking for Ourselves: Individuals with Autism Talk About Their Educational Experience
  • DDD Honors Eight Award Recipients in New York City
  • Election Report
  • Subdivision News: OSIDC Award Winners
  • Division Completes Name Change Process
  • Executive Director’s Corner
  • DDD Student Governor Report
  • Membership/Unit Development News
  • Diversity News
DDD Express -<!--20012--> Winter 2001 (Volume 12, Number 2) (PDF)
  • Teacher's Corner: Collaboration: Putting your money where your mouth is
  • President's Message
  • Ad hoc Diversity Committee Report
  • Student's Corner: Using SCEC to Connect Pre-Service Training with Real Classroom Situations
  • Interagency Services for Youth with Cognitive Disabilities and Mental Health Needs
  • In Memoriam
  • Membership/Unit Development News
  • Executive Director’s Corner
  • Professional Development/Standards Committee Update
  • Subdivision News
DDD Express - <!-- 20011 -->Fall 2001 (Volume 12, Number 1) (PDF)
  • Teacher's Corner: Practical Solutions for Teaching Children and Youth with Autism and Asperger Syndrome
  • President's Message
  • MRDD Division Showcase Keynote Speaker Dr. Brenda Smith Myles
  • Call for Nominations
  • The 411 on MRDD Awards – Nominating Someone is as Easy as 1-2-3!
  • Meet Our Newly Elected MRDD Board Members
  • Student's Corner
  • Membership/Unit Development News
  • Publications/Communications Report
  • Executive Director’s Corner
  • Subdivision News
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What's New
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The DADD Board of Directors supports the American Academy of Pediatrics Recommended Immunization Schedule for Persons Aged 0 through 18 years of age. Over two dozen epidemiological studies failed to identify a causal relationship between vaccinations and autism. The initial research that suggested such a relationship has been discredited. We recommend all families discuss vaccinations with their family health care provider on how best to maintain the health and safety of their child and those who cannot be immunized due to medical reasons. 

Download the 2010 DADD Showcase Sessions. Presenters included Robert A. Stodden, Dianne Zager, and Debra Hart speaking about "Preparing Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities for Postsecondary Education and Employment"