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An Analysis of State Guidelines for Intellectual Disability

An Analysis of State Guidelines for Intellectual Disability

Edward A. Polloway, Maryleen Auguste, J. David Smith, and Delia Peters


Abstract: This study provides an updated analysis of state guidelines with respect to terminology and definitions in the field of intellectual disability (ID). The study serves as a methodological replication of prior work that has been reported in the literature in earlier decades. The data were acquired by reviewing web-based state guidelines for ID terminology and definition. These data are reported for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Practices regarding terminology and definition were determined and the findings are highlighted in this study and compared to prior findings. Most significant was the confirmation of the change from the term mental retardation to intellectual disability while modifications in definitions and therefore diagnostic practices are addressed. Implications are noted with special attention to trends among the states and to considerations with regard to practices within the field.
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Volume 53(3) September 2018

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